Elaine Thap
Twitter: @arttochokeheart

Performance for Virtual International Exchange

"Repetition makes practice makes perfect”

I am creating my fantasy self, I'm trying to get back to my Real. I'm Othering myself. I am witnessing myself. I is ego. Identity is political. My hair is political. Look at all of the perspectives. Repetition makes practice makes perfect. Watch my pixelations and passivity. I'm bougie. I'm poor. I'm passing time. You're passing time.

As a Cambodian American woman, I use diasporic identity in my work to convey layers of being and relationships. I am soul searching, most likely through you. 

Through installation and delegated interaction, I am projecting my identity on you and gauging your reaction. Weaving personal tales and interaction, I delegate the audience in conversation and action. 

Taking the form of social constructs and objectivity, I am critiquing communication and the politics of identity. To me, Live Action is the ability to fabricate situations of childhood trauma and adult responsibility while seeking alternative perspectives and possibilities. I seek intersectional meaning and memory in others by Other-ing.