To play geography like a harp, and facilitate conversations otherwise unimagined.

Geared towards creatives with an interest in experiential and performative works, VIX is an on-going online & live art exchange of performances with the intention of fostering intimate interactions between participating artists & viewers. VIX brings together national and international artists to contemplate ideas of intimacy and queering spaces, places and gestures. The artists advance a more intergenerational, queer, & poc centered dialogue that introduce meditations on practices deeply rooted in performance, voyeurism, spectacle & theater. 

Performative works have been exhibited across platforms- including Periscope, Month of Performance Art Berlin, Industry Lab (Boston), DfbrL8r (Chicago), Mobius (Boston), Gallery Kayafas (Boston) and Boston Center for the Arts.


HEX- March 26, 2017


Feature 3

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