Testosterone Supplements For Treating The Problem Of Low Testosterone

Androgel is a testosterone gel that consists of testosterone, which is a naturally occurring hormone in men. Testosterone is necessary for a number of processes and it is also responsible for the male characteristics. Androgel is used for dealing with problems that are caused by a low testosterone level. testosterone supplements are great for treating conditions that are a result of a lack of testosterone level but it cannot be used for enhancing the performance.

Important information regarding Androgel

  • Androgel should not be used in case a person is suffering from male breast cancer.
  • Pregnant woman should avoid any contact with this medicine as it can cause defects to an unborn baby.
  • If absorbed by the skin then this topical gel can cause side effects of male features in a woman or child, if they come in contact with it.
  • Androgel should not be misused if done so then it can have some dangerous effects.
  • This gel should not be used by men.
  • If you are below the age of 18 then you cannot use Androgel.

In order to ensure your safety you should make sure that you tell your doctor in case you have ever had:

About Synthetic Testosterone Supplements

  • Cancer
  • Blood clot
  • Diabetes
  • Liver disease
  • Enlarged prostate
  • Heart disease

Men who are above the age of 65 should talk to their doctor before taking this gel.

How to use these supplements?

Testosterone supplements should be used the way it has been prescribed a doctor, you should also not use the gel in larger amounts or for a long period than it is prescribed. The starting dose should be Androgel 5g, that also once in a day. The dose should be taken in the morning on a clean skin of the shoulder and the upper arms. These supplements come with instructions which should be followed for a safe use, the area where the gel is applied should be covered and avoid having skin to skin contact with another person.

The dose and the overdose

It is suggested to take Testosterone supplements initially and in case you apply an overdose of this gel then you should immediately seek medical attention.

Side effects of  these supplements

Allergic reaction to Androgel is common and one should stop using it in case you have:

  • Painful or increased urination
  • Breast pain or swelling of any kind
  • Painful erections
  • Rapid weight gain
  • Chest pain
  • Liver problems- such as nausea, itching, loss of appetite, dark urine, jaundice or feeling of tiredness
  • Blood clot in the lungs
  • Any kind of blood clot in the leg
  • Pressure leading to the shoulder

Testosterone supplements are quite helpful for men who are facing the problem of low testosterone, but it is important to keep all the above mentioned things in mind before using it.