Important Things To Consider When Purchasing a Shipping Container

Due to their popularity in the shipping industry, shipping containers are cheap and plentiful. But they are useful not only for freight transport. You can repurpose a shipping container for storage space, a temporary office, or even a home with a few minor changes. And since shipping containers can be bought cheaply, it’s very tempting to use them for your next building project.

Things to consider before purchasing a shipping container.

A 10 foot long container is about 80 square feet, so it is best for backyard storage or a small temporary building like a locker. Twenty-foot containers provide 160 square feet, so they are suitable for large storage areas for small businesses and temporary offices. A 40′ container offers the largest area: 320 square feet. These containers are best suited for residential construction and industrial storage applications. You can customize and link shipping containers together for larger building projects.

You must decide whether to purchase a new or old shipping container. Both options have advantages and disadvantages. The new shipping container will probably be clean and hassle-free. Still, it may cost a little extra money. Used shipping containers can be purchased for about thirty to fifty percent less than new containers, but they may have some damage and wear from previous use.

SCF shipping containers

Issues like these may seem minor, but if left unrepaired, they can damage items stored inside or lead to structural damage later if you intend to use them for a home or other type of building. The peace of mind that the new container provides offsets the price increase.

You must determine what options and extras you need in the shipping container. Many shipping containers come with different options depending on the nature of the cargo they use for storage. You can purchase a shipping container connected to electricity or cooled with an HVAC system. If you need easy access to your container:

  • Consider purchasing a container with doors on both sides or one side.
  • For storage containers, look for a container with pre-installed shelving or dividers.
  • Ensure the shipping container has strong cam locks outside all doors to keep the items inside safe and sound.

Many reputable online retailers sell new and used SCF shipping containers. Due to the wide use of these containers in the market, there are enough of them to make them very affordable. With a little research, finding a container that suits your needs will be easy. If possible, ask if you can inspect the shipping container for damage before purchasing.


It is essential if you are purchasing a used shipping container. You must also consider the shipping costs you may incur after purchase. You can get a big discount on the container itself, but the shipping cost can substantially add to the overall cost.