Electronics Repair? Romcontrol Group Will Have Your Back!

Rom-Control Pty Ltd. has been doing industrial electronic repairs and refurbish and process control equipment regardless of function, make, or model for more than 15 years and is ISO 9001 certified. We take pride in providing our customers with a first-rate, comprehensive experience that includes solutions in the following areas:

  • Solutions for Industrial Electronic Engineering
  • Hazardous Area Solutions
  • Solutions for Industrial Electronic Equipment Disaster Recovery
  • SERVICES FOR Industrial Software Solution Training


Why replace when a decent spare may be utilized or the existing electronic or process control equipment can be repaired? We can repair or restore any electronic, process control, or testing equipment, regardless of function, age, or model. Then, we will replace all other components that, based on past experience, are likely to fail in the near future. What we return to you is the equivalent of a brand-new replacement component with a full 24-month guarantee.

Protection Relay Maintenance and Reconditioning

Using cutting-edge technology equipment, Rom-Control can repair and recondition all Protective Relay brands. Rom-Control is ISO9001 certified, which indicates that our procedures and systems guarantee our work. Each Protection Relay is tested, reconditioned, and retested for performance, consistency, and dependability. Our final step is a reconfiguration according to your desired preferences. The equipment, as with all of our refurbished products, is protected by a full 2-year warranty.

industrial electronic repairs


Rom-Control is a member of DISP (Defense Industry Security Program), which indicates that we have the systems and controls necessary to deliver solutions and services to the Defense industry and its suppliers. Regardless of function, manufacturer, age, or complexity, Rom-Control is capable of repairing or refurbishing devices without requiring schematics or instructions. Rom-Control is READY FOR DEFENSE.


 Rom-Control is committed to the Renewable Energy industry by ensuring the repairs and refurbishment of its electronic assets in a cost-effective, dependable, and environmentally responsible manner. Under the Repair and Audit umbrellas, we can ensure that our clients stay cost-effective, efficient, and dependable.


At Rom-Control, we have highly specialized knowledge and experience in repairing industrial control and electronic systems for all makes and models of PLC, Variable Speed Drive, Control Numeric, Servo Drives, Power Supply, and other controllers, operator panels, and monitors.


Our highly qualified electronic engineers are able to design, manufacture, and assemble electronic control systems according to your specifications. Whether a single electronic board or a whole system is required, we have the knowledge and experience to create a fully integrated solution.


Rom-Control has developed a variety of services to maximize the auditing of their electronic equipment. These services can identify the anticipated failure spots of the client’s electronic/process control assets and develop a plan for addressing them, thereby increasing production uptime, minimizing spare parts inventory levels, and decreasing total capital and maintenance costs.


At Rom-Control, we offer in-house training workshops and custom-tailored training programs based on the needs of your organization. Our programs are designed for managers, electricians, and even apprentices.

Now, my friends, let’s abandon the notion that “if something works, there’s no need to alter it” because Romcontrol is here to assist you!