Care And Support Services For Person With Disability

Some special centers and groups specialize in providing quality care and support for people with disability (mentally and physically) and the elderly. There are the most common types of disability support services and care specialists available.

Social support

Social support is where assistance provides specific circumstances. For instance, a person is assisted with professional care during the day outing for companionship. Each person recognized with a disability has unique needs. Some services aim to provide an array of support options to help make the best decision.

There are programs that offer ways to live with a caregiver or with the right amount of in-home support for their needs, while some workshops help you learn to better manage your health condition and control of life.

Domestic assistance

Domestic assistance helps the individual perform a number of chores. The chores include things, like:

  • Cleaning the home
  • Doing laundry
  • Helping to prepare meals
  • Disability support worker

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As a disability support worker, there are a variety of responsibilities to wear in a single role. The purpose is empowering others to enjoy a higher quality of life, but it may vary, which creates lots of options leading to a rich and fulfilling career. There are two main places where disability support worker service is the most needed; whether at home or in the community. There are three broad categories of disability support worker services:

  • Physical assistance. Personal care to maintain assistance and hygiene with dressing.
  • Emotional support. Being a friend and listening to them or going out and socializing with them
  • Household support. You will lend an extra set of hands to tackle domestic duties, such as:
    • Cooking
    • Cleaning
    • Food shopping
    • Transport

It is important to reiterate that every single need of the client varies to the level of support required and adapts accordingly. It can change over time, such as:

  • independence improve
  • health status changes

A disability support worker may require residential support or in-home services for educational support for one or more individuals with learning disabilities. They are needed for community access support and mental and emotional support work by supporting individuals with these conditions:


  • Depression
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Addiction

These disability support workers are found working in hospitals and clinics, they provide support for hospitalized patients.

Counseling support

Sometimes, it is nicer to have someone who listens to you, someone who can talk to you about the current situation. The care support group provides counseling services, where you confidently talk to a person about problems currently experiencing. Counselors and psychologists are the right professionals who can provide support.

The elderly and people with disabilities can get guidance and professional assistance while dealing with their mental and physical conditions. A disability support service can be a big help to their everyday needs.