A good security driver is an ex-law enforcement officer

A good security driver is an ex-law enforcement officer

There is nothing that makes a good security driver more qualified than a valid driver’s license or twenty years of driving experience. Even your mother may admire your driving record or you may have been driving for twenty years, but these qualities don’t make a good security driver.It is possible to learn almost all the skills necessary to be a successful high-performance driver.

A driver for the Executive must be familiar with the neighborhood and be able to recognize if something is amiss.One of the most important things to recognize is whether surveillance is in place.The presence of this clue may be the only indication of an impending attack.

Many drivers fail to employ proper surveillance techniques or have a basic understanding of threats, despite the fact that understanding the threat is vital for avoiding danger.Before the driver gets behind the wheel, they must start working on the security function.To keep up-to-date with threats to the chief executive, corporate changes, and the general image of the company, we work closely with corporate security driver and executive assistants.

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An effective defensive response involves identifying and containing threats in advance as opposed to driving offensively at the last minute to escape a problematic situation.The driver bears a greater responsibility for the welfare of the executive if she spends a lot of time with him.In such situations, security must be more proactive when it comes to defining threats and preventing them.

Defend against attacks by driving defensively, but offensive driving is the most memorable security training.Security drivers rarely engage in high-adrenaline maneuvers in their training. However, driving these types of activities does leave a lasting impression.To be considered a good driving school, your school should make an impact on the student.Executive security is extremely complex, and security drivers don’t have control over many important factors.To begin with, this is where the executive lives.When security personnel is asked to choose an executive home, it is only in unusual circumstances, such as high-risk overseas assignments.

There are a variety of executive neighborhoods, including a dead-end street, an apartment building, or a busy highway.Different approaches are required for coping with the problems that face the Executive in each of these neighborhoods.In addition to the weather and traffic, the security driver is not responsible for them.On “optimal weather” days, threats such as ambushes are less likely to occur than they would be on days when weather is fair.An organization’s security planning must address these variables and include them in the process.

As police officers, former police officers also make excellent security drivers. They are accustomed to observing their surroundings and have generally prepared to handle a variety of situations that may arise when driving for security.

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