Monitoring Patches

Best Continuous Glucose Monitoring Patches for those with diabetes

It can be challenging to manage diabetes, you have to be mindful of what you eat. If you need insulin, you need to stick your finger and have yourself shots a couple of times a day. Yet, thanks to the latest technology, some CGM Patches can make it simpler and more convenient to live with this condition.

Device patches are made to serve as an extra adhesive to firm your sets and sensors for longer. They aid make your sensors stay on for their full wear time. With a lot of device patches to select from, it can be quite overwhelming to choose. Some are made particularly for athletes. While some provide custom graphics to support everyday people with diabetes. Feel like they have some stylish flair and self-expression over their medical equipment.

Why do you need CGM to manage diabetes?

You can normally check your blood glucose levels using a fingerstick blood check and a blood glucose monitor. A lot of people do just that. Yet, fingerstick checks only measure blood glucose at a moment in time. Doing many fingerstick checks provides you with more snapshots, this can provide clues to what’s going on with your blood sugar levels. You can pick among a lot of CGM devices present in the market today. Each functions pretty much alike. The primary difference is in a device’s feel, look, and features.

CGM Patches

Great CGM Patches for people with diabetes:

  • Not Just a Patch

These over patches are made to extend the life of CGM sensors on your skin. The patches are designed with medical-quality hypoallergenic adhesive. It features a wave pattern form that forms on the skin and permits respiration and elasticity. They have eight X-patch shapes or triangles, in more than 10 solid colors. This patch is great since it is made to be water-resistant.

  • Grifgrips

Secure tape patches to keep different insulin pump infusion sets and CGM sensors set up on the skin. They have different various theme patterns and colors, from solid color star shapes. From monsters to cute animals, seasonal, and yoga designs. Their trademarked “sure grip” technology is a great compact mesh fabric. It is made to provide ultimate staying power while keeping breathable and flexible. Some reviewers said they’re durable, comfortable, and fit very well.

  • The Sugar Patch

The Sugar Patch is adhesive patches that have various designs and secure your pump infusion sets and CGM sensors. It uses a medical-grade hypoallergenic nonwoven polyester tape. That produces a breathable, comfortable, easy to apply, lightweight patch. This mostly lasts extended wear of 5 to 15 days. The Sugar Patch provides a lot of combo packs and various designs, so you can blend your patches’ designs. The best sellers include mermaid scale patterns and some distinct mandalas.

These are some of the best CGM patches that are ideal to use for people with diabetes.