Everything You Should Know About Singapore Condominium Interior Design

Everything You Should Know About Singapore Condominium Interior Design

The impact of a positive, visually pleasing setting is undeniable—we prefer a bright, colorful, and wonderfully decorated home to one that is boring, dark, and lifeless on any given day. That’s why transforming a standard room into a workspace that may serve as a haven for all of your creative processes is a daunting endeavor.

The singapore condominium interior design task is to turn any place into your possible hideaway from the ground up. Your designer will ensure that you have both comfort and style, from selecting the proper color palette to ensuring that their designs are not only attractive but also useful.

Interior Designing History

Designing and decorating one’s home has been a long-standing practice in many civilizations, but where did it all begin? The most frequently accepted answer is the Egyptian civilization, whose citizens were renowned to decorate their dwellings with exquisite metal items, bright paintings, and even animal skin furniture. Homes were built in harmony with the other houses in the hamlet, and each house had an intricate water system running through it. The Romans applied similar principles, equating a luxury dwelling to a person’s social rank.

  • Spaces’ evolution

During Europe’s Medieval Era, the same concept evolved into a distinct style. The emergence of Christianity saw the widespread use of white, crimson, and purple colors, as well as simple timber paneling and marble flooring. The Dark Ages, on the other hand, carried with them an overall air of sobriety, to the point where even the wealthy and famous began to tone down their decor.

singapore condominium interior design

  • The renaissance and design

With the arrival of the Renaissance period (a word that means ‘rebirth’ in French) in the 15th and 16th centuries, however, came an inflow of elegant and luxurious designs, with complex carvings on oak panels and room dividers painted with scenes from the Bible and other holy writings. Furniture and tableware, for example, would be crafted from the highest quality materials.

  • Period of baroque

Some of the most notable aspects of the Baroque era of interior design were stained glass mosaics, frescoes (ceiling paintings), and ornately twisted pillars. This aesthetic pervaded everything from interior design to architecture, clothing, and art, to name a few. The origins of this style can be traced back to 17th-century Italian art schools.

  • Modern design & art

Painters, sculptors, and other members of the artistic intelligentsia gradually began to experiment with completely pushing the bounds of design, resulting in art styles like Impressionism and Surrealism. Naturally, this vision spilled over into everyday life, manifesting itself in interior design that challenged the traditional limitations of a home.

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