How Men Should Choose Their Swim Trunks

How Men Should Choose Their Swim Trunks

When the summer months are approaching, the best thing for men to do is prepare their swim trunks. The right trunks can make any man feel comfortable and confident, whether they are in the water, on a surfboard, or simply walking along the shore. There are some time-testes rules on picking the right swim trunks. It’s easy to find a cool piece from Daily Jocks.

Go for the most elastic

It used to be that swim shorts that come with elastic straps are frowned on, but not anymore. This is especially true when you are diligent in your physical workouts. An elastic band for a swim trunk easily accentuates a hard-earned flat tummy. It also keeps all else tucked in and not causing rougher waves. You may find a brand that offers a custom fit.

Choose one that looks great with a t-shirt

It’s one thing to choose a pair of trunks that can look good on the beach, but you must also invest in a pair that will allow you to switch to a bar or barbecue shack scene. The trunk doesn’t have to be solid, but make sure that it comes with a shorter inseam and is quite versatile for you to have that lengthened look.

Be strategic in choosing the color and pattern

Think of the swim trunks as similar to swim shorts. Make sure that you choose a color that can easily complement any shirt you like to wear. Neutral colors are great for swim trunks since they can easily be paired up with colored if not patterned shirts. If you prefer to have patterned swim trunks, just make sure that they are in style. You certainly want your trunks to last for more than a season, so you have to keep the trends in mind. You can find some at Daily Jocks.

Pick one with the right size and length

Knowing all these may seem like it’s easy to choose a swim trunk, but it’s essential that you pick a pair that’s not too loose or long. The most common swim trunk goes up to the knee and not below it. When you want the size to be comfortable, you may find one that comes with a drawstring. This will help you to adjust it. A way to find if your trunks fit well is to use it and squat. If it still feels comfortable and not baggy, then it’s the perfect fit for you.

Choose based on your activity and preference

The activities you usually do matter when it comes to choosing the right swim trunks. If you like swimming in a pool, any length will do; but not when you like kayaking or swimming outdoors when it requires a different length. Personal preference is also another aspect to consider. Some men like it shorter while others want it longer.

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