How MGM Targets Its Customers With Immersive Experiences

MGM is one of the top movie theaters in the United States. The company has been continuously updating its medium and large venues, while introducing new technologies such as 4DX. It’s also been known to create innovative offers with its partners and customers, like a promotion that lets customers earn reward points when they spend over $100 on tickets to see different movies.

MGM knows the importance of offering amazing experiences to their customers, so they have been able to grow into a multi-billion dollar company. Here are some ways MGM targets its customers with immersive experiences.

With their partnership with the service provider, MGM has taken a step forward in showing that they want to adopt new technologies since it recognizes the need for better immersive experiences. Movie theaters have been able to offer 4DX technology since 2010. However, given its popularity and MGM’s determination for growing through investments, it soon became an offering for MGM customers. The technology, however, does not work all the time when you are sitting close to your seat and we cannot see what is happening on the screen from different angles.

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